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Affordable, Speedy, and Reliable VPS servers.

Our partner and supplier offers fast and reliable VPS servers from as low as $8.35/month.

  • Burstable RAM
  • Apache, PHP, MySQL
  • Flexible pricing

Why iFastnet?

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarentee
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Fast, Reliable & Affordable Virtual Private Servers

  • Economy

    $8.35 per Month

    • 30 GB Disk Storage
    • 125 GB Bandwidth
    • 512 MB Guaranteed RAM
    • 1 IP Address
  • Basic

    $16.65 per Month

    • 40 GB Disk Storage
    • 200 GB Bandwidth
    • 756 MB Guaranteed RAM
    • 1 IP Address
  • Entry

    $24.95 per Month

    • 50 GB Disk Storage
    • 300 GB Bandwidth
    • 1024 MB Guaranteed RAM
    • 1 IP Address
  • Standard

    $41.65 per Month

    • 80 GB Disk Storage
    • 400 GB Bandwidth
    • 1256 MB Guaranteed RAM
    • 1 IP Address
  • Ultra

    $51.35 per Month

    • 120 GB Disk Storage
    • 600 GB Bandwidth
    • 1512 MB Guaranteed RAM
    • 1 IP Address
  • Ultimate

    $62.65 per Month

    • 250 GB Disk Storage
    • 1000 GB Bandwidth
    • 2048 MB Guaranteed RAM
    • 1 IP Address

Technical Details

iFastNet offers many features with its VPS plans.

Technical Features

Enjoy dedicated 24 CPU Core Servers, a dedicated IP address, SSH access, an SFTP server, and your choice of Linux OS.

Coding Feaures

All versiond of PHP are available. Support for CLI access, Perl Python, and bash. Chronjob scripting, mime types, and Remote MySQL are available.

Software Features

Control panel is VestaCP. Supports Exim, Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Server runs on Ubuntu, Debian, or Centos OS.

Is a VPS right for you?

While VPS servers are great, not everyone needs them. Some use cases are better off with premium hosting. Below are some advantages to VPS servers and when you might need one.

Dedicated Resources

VPS servers offer dedicated resources (such as RAM or disk space) specifically for your server.

Contained Environment

Unlike shared hosting, you own the server. In shared hosting, multiple people are alloted to a server.

Burstable RAM

If all RAM is used up, Burstable RAM is a temporary RAM that can help with sudden traffic spikes.

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