The 22 Strangest Domain Extensions You’ve Probably Never Heard of

.COM domains are great, but what if you want to stand out a bit more? Here are 22 of the funniest, quirkiest, strangest domain names to exist


Looking to turn your website into a verb? Try .ING, a great choice for names such as or!


Think you’re a VIP? Let people know what you’re all about with a .VIP domain. People associate VIP with luxury, making this domain extension perfect for those offering luxury services.


Unless you’re a fan of Kim Kardashian, .KIM is a fairly generic domain name. Its cheap registration price might make it appealing for some!


WTF does a .WTF domain extension have to exist?


Laugh out loud with a .LOL domain, perfect for comedians and funny websites!


Try saying “dot dot dot dot dot” out loud. Where do the real dots go? Is it a subdomain? Confuse anyone who tries to access your website with a .DOT domain!


If you’re looking to own the sneakiest domain around, .NINJA is the right extension for you. Your competitors will never see you coming!


Show your holiday spirit with a special .CHRISTMAS domain!


While .CLICK domains sound like a cool alternative to .COM, they are frequently used in spam websites. We advise against this domain extension.


Have an inner artist? Express yourself with a .ART domain, the best domain you can get for your specific niche.


.COOL is a pretty cool domain, don’t you think? Show of how cool you are with a .COOL domain.


Probably one of the scammiest sounding domains on this list—no wonder these are so cheap!


Do you have a burning hatred for something (hopefully not Gilect!) Express your rage with a .SUCKS domain,


Other than being fun to say, this domain extension doesn’t serve much purpose and doesn’t look too professional.


Here’s another fun domain extension to pronounce! Once again, not much use here.


Are you an internet troll? Do you love making memes? Do you like making all your friends laugh? Show off your sense of humor with a .MEME domain, perhaps one of the most annoying domain extension you can get!


You must really love politics if you want to buy this domain!


You probably get into lots of fights with the democrats!


Show off your love for the color pink with a .PINK domain!


Do you love roses and hearts and rubies? Or do you like fire and blood? Angry often? Show off your love (or hatred) for the color red with a .RED domain!


Perhaps you need a calmer color. Tell the world you love the color blue with a .BLUE domain.


How cute! If you have a website dedicated to dogs, .DOG is perfect to show off how much you care for them.

Where can I buy these domains?

While many of these domains vary in price, they can all be purchased online on any reputable domain registrar such as NameSilo. Some registrars may not offer the specific domain extension you’re looking for, so don’t feel discouraged if you can’t find the exact domain extension you want! Look in other places too.

Why Are There So Many of These Strange Domain Extension

Originally there were only a handful of domain extensions available, including .COM, .NET, and a few others. When the market became a little overcrowded, ICANN, the corporation behind domain names, allowed other organizations to operate their own domain extensions. To this day, there are over 1000 domain extensions that you can purchase.

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