How to Easily Make a Pre-Loading Screen for Websites

Sometimes pages on websites can load a bit slowly. They can be full of information and images which might cause an otherwise fast website to come to a complete halt. This tutorial will focus on how to make a pre-loading screen with basic HTML, CSS, and just a single line of JavaScript! Why do you … Continue reading “How to Easily Make a Pre-Loading Screen for Websites”

How to Make a Website for Free in 2023

Small business wanting to set up an online presence? Hobbyist wanting to make a blog and write articles? If you’re contemplating paying to create a website, stop now. This article will be the ultimate guide for how to set up a completely free website in 2023! Hosting The very first thing that’s needed before making … Continue reading “How to Make a Website for Free in 2023”

How to Make a Free WordPress Website

WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS), powering over 40% of the web. This article will explain how you can easily set up your own WordPress website completely for free in under five minutes.

New Video Tutorials

Setting up your website can be difficult at times. This is why we always provided a detailed knowledgebase with step by step instructions and many reference images. Now, we are proud to launch our video tutorials, making it even easier to get started making websites! Our first video tutorial features instructions on how to create … Continue reading “New Video Tutorials”