What’s the Best Web Hosting you can get for $5?

Are you tired of wasting your hard-earned money on web hosting that promises cheap prices but deliver nothing? Look no further! We’re about to expose the biggest names in the web hosting industry and reveal which ones are ripping you off.

Actually $5

When we say $5, we mean it. Many web hosts like to lure you into their services with what appears to be super low prices (like $1). However, the reality is that most of the time you have to pay years in advance to get that rate. We’re looking for web hosts that:

  1. Let you pay monthly
  2. Let you pay $5 at a time

We also want all the web hosts we mention to at least include these basic features:

  • WordPress compatible
  • Free SSL certificates (https)
  • Fast SSD Storage

#1. iFastNet – $3.75/m

On iFastNet’s website, all prices are advertised the way you see them. When they say $4.99 a month, they really mean $4.99 a month. That being said, how does iFastNet stack up against the competition?

iFastNet is the only web host that gives you a free domain for a year if you pay monthly. The only catch is that the extensions you receive depend on your billing cycle. Paying $5 a month only gives you .site, .eu, or other lesser known extensions (Paying yearly gives you a free lifetime .com.)

When it comes to features, iFastNet outperforms nearly every other host. With unlimited disk space, 250 GB of bandwidth, a hundred email addresses, and 20 websites, you’re sure to not use up those resources for a looong time.

Use our coupon “GILECT” to claim an additional 25% off every recurring purchase. This means $3.75 a month (or $2.99 if paid yearly.)

#2. InterServer – $7.00/m

Interserver seems like the cheapest on the list… They charge $2.50, and they let you pay monthly. What’s the catch? It’s only $2.50 for the first month, and afterward it jumps to $7 a month—which is still considerably cheap. If you’re looking for web hosting under $5 right now, Interserver might be right for you.

For this low price, InterServer offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and even weekly backups! Although it isn’t quite $5, it still offers a good deal that can only be upped by iFastNet.

Use the coupon code “Gilect” to get your first month for $0.01. Regular rates after renewal.

#3. Gilect – $0.00/m

Gilect is a unique web host on this list… it’s completely free! And for $0.00 a month with no credit cards required, what can possibly be a better deal?

With unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, and the option to use your own custom domain or receive a free subdomain, Gilect is a great choice for small websites starting up. Of course, you don’t get all the bells and whistles of premium hosting, such as email and automatic backups, but that’s to be expected for this price.

#4. Hostinger – $9.99/m

Despite being known for their uber-cheap prices, Hostinger is actually one of the priciest hosts on this list. They list their very basic plan at $1.99 monthly, but that’s if you pay 4 years in advance. Even their most basic plan costs $9.99 if you choose to pay a month at a time. Even worse, they have a $4.99 setup fee (which in itself costs just as much as a month of iFastNet.)

However, does a high price mean better services? Not necessarily. While they do offer unlimited bandwidth, you only get a single website and a single email address. You do get 50 GB of disk space though, which is more than enough for most use cases. Another plus is the automatic weekly backups. If you aren’t as familiar with the hosting world, Hostinger might be right for you.

Things do get better if you increase the price to $11.99, giving you 100 websites, 100 email addresses, 100 GB storage, and unlimited bandwidth. Unfortunately, you aren’t given a free domain if you pay monthly.

#5. Bluehost – $35.40/y

Bluehost has built up quite a reputation over the years—but is it as good as they say? One thing’s for certain, it definitely isn’t as cheap as they say. BlueHost forces you to pay at least 12 months in advance… meaning you will be charged $35.40.

On the bright side, you do get a free domain for a year. However, this is where everything else begins to fall apart. First off, while $35.40 for a year seems like a great price, it renews at $10.99/month. And for $10.99 monthly, what do you get? 10 GB of disk space, a single website, and just five email addresses. Yikes!


The webhost closest to the $5 range is iFastNet, offering great value for its low price! While there are many hosts out there that advertise cheap prices, only a few of them live up to them. Keep an eye out for hosts with higher renewal prices or ones that make you pay years in advance.

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